Friday, June 18, 2004

7:15 am

So I had to be at work for 7:15 this morn, I had high ambitions to be super early but my nap last night turned into bedtime and by chance I woke at ten to six. Fell asleep in my contacts AGAIN! I usually don't but the times I do I wake at like 2 in the morning to take them out. (Seriously Mum, I'm very good about it)Anyhoo, I got here at ten after seven and the people were waiting for me! Man. So I was all feeling rushed making coffee and getting the muffins and juice ready. Luckily I used to do vacation bible school so I'm familiar with snacktime. I wonder if these guys in the boardroom will want a story and a nap later on? I can do that. So that's what I'm doing now, I'm here super early and have nothing to do so what a perfect time to write in my blog. I should make this a habit. Not 7:15 mind you but just coming in 15 min earlier. Could do.

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