Friday, July 23, 2004


Yesterday there was a fire in my building. I mean a real fire. The alarm was going off ( because my manager pulled it) and there was smoke everywhere. I freaked out. I stood around like a moron for awhile then when people started shouting "Get out!!" I grabbed my purse and headed for Maria (Adventures in Downtown Toronto: Fire in the office!). On my way there I saw Miguel standing in front of the kitchen, with smoke billowing around his head looking very confused. He asked what was going on and I said "Fire, get the f*** out!" Maria came out grabbed his arm and we headed down 25 flights of stairs. I'm feeling it today let me tell you. Anyway when things were cleared up with my bosses I headed for the Flatiron with Maria to calm myself with a cold one. We regaled everyone with our harrowing escape and kicked butt at NTN. We almost lost to some dudes from Orangeville; for awhile there I was fifth of six people but I finished second (Maria was first). When I got home I called a ton of people to spread the word. That's when I found out Teawna nearly ignored the fire, thinking it was a false alarm. Heavens. So this was my first experience with a real fire and considering no one had ever even mentioned what to do in case of fire I think I did well, tho I really freaked out. Y'know when you get really scared and you feel cold all over? I got that.

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