Thursday, July 8, 2004

happy birthday and tequila

If you haven’t already, check out Maria's entry today, I laughed so hard. Jeremy’s 23rd birthday was yesterday, we had supper at his family’s place then went out for beer with his friends. I got to see Identity, SUCH a good movie. I highly recommend it. Supper was great, mashed potatoes with green onions chopped up and mixed right in there. Delish. Next time I go over for dinner I’m not leaving without some sort of tupperware filled with potatoes. We went out to Gabby’s (surprise) with Kevin and his brother Brian, and in the true spirit of birthday celebration I insisted on an alarming amount of tequila. The guys had something called prairie fire that, judging from the expressions on their faces, I will probably never try.


denise grant said...

Clara, you're the only person I've ever met who'll eat whipped potatoes as an appetizer. I LOVE FEEDING YOU!! It's been so great seeing you again --- if things don't work out with Jeremy, we'll get rid of him and keep you. Love your should be writing professionally.

denise grant said...

P.S. -- I just went to read Maria's blog....she's hilarious. Is she a friend or relative of yours? Neat that she's taking pictures of fat people...I get hired to shoot fat people, but the instructions with EVERY shoot are :
"make me look 40 pounds thinner." I'm thinking of telling people that I'm a photographer, not a surgeon. dg

Anonymous said...

Hi Clara - I really didn't think I'd meet you again this way. It's Bern, Jeremy's pal. Just had a look at your blog. You are still cleverer and more adorable than Denise. Look forward to seeing the real you. Bern.