Monday, August 23, 2004

down on the farm

So this weekend was a spectacular success. Jer was a hit, most especially for my three year old niece, who was riding on his back and kissing him on the cheek after 15 minutes of meeting him. We discovered that KT and Jer share an obsession with cheesecakes. What I feel for mashed potatoes these two feel for cheesecake. Wow eh? On Saturday night myself, Jenna, Jer and my brother-in-law stayed up till two in the morning playing password - this is definitely something we are buying to bring to Jer's parents, it's very lively. Anyway it was an educational experience for Jeremy; he saw his first hummingbird and bee, and held his first snake. I was amazed. I think the fact that my little niece was holding it with no fear prodded him along slightly. Ooh I also introduced him to jewel-weed, I just showed him one of the pods and told him to touch it. When he did the thing sprang apart and he jumped a foot in the air and cursed soundly. I had so much fun myself, I had my pants rolled up to my knees and went barefoot the whole time. I had a great poking stick that I used to flush out snakes, well, tried to anyway. Just another wonderful weekend in the country.

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