Thursday, August 19, 2004

the duke and ...a work in progress....

So no Wednesday dinner last night, Denise was working and hence Jer and I had to fend for ourselves. Well rather he fended for me as he took me out to dinner at the duke. Man I love that place. I had Joe balls again and potato skins. You can see my system was all geared up for potatoes. Jer got a chip butty, it's basically a french fry sandwich. It was delish. So essentially we ate a pound of potatoes for dinner. Did I mention Jer also got curry fries?

So, you may or may not have noticed that there is a new link in my links section to the right. ...a work in progress.... is a new blog I started where I will just put poetry and prose that I have written in the past and new stuff as it comes along. This daily blogging has definitely been working my creative muscles so I'm taking it a step further and getting back to fiction and poetry and whatnot. It won't be updated as frequently as this one; as of yet I just put up two poems that I happened to have at with me at work so I plugged them in there. I'm going to dig up some short stories I've written and maybe even put in an excerpt from a romance novel I want to finish someday. Don't worry there's nothing naughty there. At least not yet.

-p.s. I did ton of quizzes and such yesterday. I found out what my Harry Potter patronus is. Check out quirks and such...the land of quiz results.

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