Tuesday, August 10, 2004

high score

Hayley cleaned my apartment while she was staying with me. Can I tell you how much I love this woman. I've actually been cleaning up after myself, y'know now that it's nice. Anyway for tomorrow's Wednesday dinner I'm bringing Maria to meet the in-laws. It'll be a hoot. I'll have to bring Hayley sometime too.

So - last night Maria 'twisted my arm' and made me go to the flatiron with her. Actually she said 'I'm paying' so naturally I went. She even bought me mashed potatoes and gravy. Delish. While we were playing
NTN I saw a woman walk by with the EXACT same purse as me. The pub is underground so we see everyone as they walk by. Maria has a special 'hot guy' alert for cuties that walk by.
Do do do do do do. Something like that. It keeps her from yelling ' wow he's hot' at passersby. Anyway I made it into the high scores last night. I was number ten mind you and soon got pushed off the list (by Maria) but I was thrilled to see my name up there (when it was just Maria and I playing I beat her).

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