Tuesday, August 17, 2004

olympics - it was bound to come up sooner or later

I think I have Olympic fever. I watch nothing else. True I don't get much else but still - I'm devoted. Last night I was half-heartedly watching the TV while reading a book, but when men's gymnastics came on I was riveted. It's my favourite event, I think because of Vitaly Sherbo. I saw some fellow from Japan do the most perfect landing off the vault I've ever seen.

Jer also got me into the synchrodiving, when we went to lunch at the duke the other day he kept running inside to watch bits and pieces of it. Y'know I hadn't given the Olympics much thought until I had lunch with Maria and she was totally freaking out about the opening ceremony. In a good way. I guess I caught the bug from her and then after watching some events with Jer - judge supreme - I was hooked.

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