Monday, September 27, 2004

nice weekend

I had a great weekend. On Friday Maria and I went to see Wimbledon . I loved it, first of all I love Paul Bettany , and second it was a fun romantic comedy. Very nice. On Saturday after a quick jaunt up to North York to exchange some clothes with my sis, she’s lost weight I’ve gained – so we swapped some stuff, Jer and I headed to the duke. Great Shepard’s pie but Jer got a fishman’s pie that I wish I had gotten. Half chowder half pie. Delish. And of course Joe balls. This time we tried the jalapeno and pesto Joe balls. Anyway on Sunday Jer and Heather picked me up at my place and we headed to the word on the street festival in queen’s park. We met Jaqui and Suzanne there checked out some books. Unfortunately we arrived as most people were packing up. I did see some anime videos I wanted. Jer and I will go to their store to check them out later. Afterwards the five of us headed to the duke for a pint. The girls had never had Joe balls or a deep fried mars bar. So we remedied that. We got the pesto Joe balls. Sigh. What I wouldn’t give for some of those right now.

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