Monday, September 20, 2004

welcome back maria and happy birthday boyd

Maria is back from her vacation today and she brought me a bag full of pretty shells. There’s enough there for me to make some sort of craft. I might combine it with the seeds from the dragon eyes Jer brought me from his buffet on Saturday. Maybe a nice frame or something. I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow on Saturday. It was great! It played out exactly like a 30’s science fiction short story. Ah the golden years. Fabulous.

On an unhappy note I would like to mention that I saw one of the
most disturbing things on the news since I moved to Toronto. Box cutter blades meticulously attached to pieces of wood and carefully embedded in the sand near volleyball nets. Such a malicious act. Just thinking of the time and effort put into crating those horrible things greatly perturbs me. What kind of a mind does that take? Ugh.

Ok now lets keep things upbeat -

Happy Birthday Boyd !

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