Wednesday, October 13, 2004

thanksgiving in the city

Now that I’ve had all my thanksgiving dinners the official weight gain count is in – 5 lbs. Not too bad, all things considered. Last night was great, even tho we had roast potatoes instead of mashed. We also had carrots, stuffing and a turkey named Tom. He gladly gave his life so we could have dinner (tho I hear Denise misled him into thinking he was the guest of honour. He wondered what he should wear and she told him she’d take care of the dressing). Plus we had pecan pie for dessert. Delish. I loooove pecan pie. It even looks pretty. Tho I bowed out of Balderdash and opted to read my book I still had a great time. I brought baby pictures of myself and have been promised videos of baby Jeremy next time I'm there. I can’t wait. If they’re anything like the video I saw last night of Hayley and Rebecca then it’ll be gold baby. Denise told me I looked like one of Botticelli’s angels. No one has ever said that to me before but I’m quite pleased with the compliment. On the way home David was kind enough to wait at Maria’s so I could pick up a rug. Maria’s going beige so I get the red with white polka dots carpet. I’m so excited; I’ll clean my apartment and everything. Sometime in the next three days as that’s my Jer hiatus. I’ll tell you all about it. I’m sure I’ll make some interesting discoveries while excavating.

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