Wednesday, November 17, 2004

glass tiger and the garbage police

Supper was divine. I think I seriously love roast beef. I mean loooove it. Anyway I found out I do like squash, I may have already known this but had forgotten. We played Masterpiece before supper and Denise won, tho I ended up with the million dollar painting. Again. After super Jer actually stayed awake the whole night. This was due of course to the fact that he was watching a Glass Tiger DVD that had been given to Denise and Hayley by the band during a recent shoot. I think he watched every video, then watched them again with the commentary. Now I like Glass Tiger, but I think it’s important to pace oneself. On the drive home I saw the garbage police. Really. I had heard about them from Maria but thought they were only a myth. They were pulled over and going through someone’s trash. It was very exciting. When I got home I had mail – my free catalogs from Barbie and Hale Groves had arrived. Wooo. Did you know there is a Sandy from Grease Barbie ? Well there is. Now when we went to go into my apartment we discovered that I do not have a key for the doorknob lock. I always just do the deadbolt thing but apparently I accidentally locked the handle when I left for work in the morning. Luckily Jer carries a weapon (swiss army corkscrew) with him and we got in okay. Scared me for a minute there.

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