Monday, November 1, 2004


Jeremy and I did a pub crawl on Saturday with his friends and co-workers from Gabby’s. He went as Ozzy Osbourne and I was a bumblebee. We looked so cute, although some people thought he was Howard Stern or John Lennon. He loved his eyeliner a little too much. He said it opened his eyes right up. Ah well. We went to see The Grudge finally, on Halloween. Jer insisted upon going during the day because it was scary but we slept through all the show times until 7. It was very very frightening. Going into the movie I thought he would be more visibly scared than I. Now I am a horror movie veteran but I was cringing and actually almost closed my eyes at one point where Sarah Michelle was looking in a mirror (you know something’s going to happen there). Whenever I looked over at Jeremy he was calmly sitting, blank faced with his hands in his lap. I was worried he was bored for a while there. When we left the theatre I remarked upon this and he looked wryly at me then showed me his hands. One was red and chafed from the other gripping it tightly for the whole movie. He said he won’t go to any more scary movies with me, and that I’ll have to go with Maria. I think I just need to work on him a bit.

Since I'm always reading I'm going to put a section in my sidebar where I'll just note what book I'm currently on so if anyone's looking for a good book, there will always be a new title for you to try. Maybe i'll put a little post about each one when I'm done. We'll see.

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