Monday, November 8, 2004

left the house both days this weekend

Jer and I went to Kensington on Saturday to find leather jackets for Maria’s party. He found a cool 80’s one that he has been wearing everyday since, and I found NOTHING! We stopped by Planet Aid on the way home where I found a black leather jacket as soon as I walked in – that was perfect for Jer. sigh. I’ll have to revise my costume a bit as it’s this Saturday. I’m thinking I’ll stop by the second hand store every day on the way home from work and see what they have. Who knows maybe they’ll get a long leather jacket in. either black or red. Anyway yesterday we went to seethe incredibles. Oh my gosh. It was so good, the whole theatre was laughing out loud. Also, * bonus* Jason Lee is one of the voices. I love that man. I thoroughly recommend it. The best part – you can bring the kids if you happen to have any hanging around. I tried to convince Jeremy to do the double feature thing and see Saw right after but there was no way. Looks like I’m taking Maria to that one. So I finished two more of the Dark Series books by Christine Feehan: Dark Magic and Dark Challenge. This series is great, really dark but also romantic. And very hot – steamy in fact.

I’ll end with a cautionary tale to those souls donning poppies this week. Pin the flower onto your jacket after you’ve put it on. I thought a bee was stinging me so I whipped off my jacket only to discover a horrendous bleeding gash. I looked at my blazer and there is a big snag in it now. The poppy was on the collar of my leather jacket. Man that thing went in deep.

Note – after writing this entry I
googled ‘Planet Aid Toronto’to possibly link to a site and I found some pretty shocking stories from volunteers. I’m torn now about spending money there. I’m really not one to boycott and I walk right by the darn thing ( I am very lazy), but I was pretty bothered by what I’d read. I dunno...

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