Thursday, December 2, 2004

back to work

So back to work after taking a sick day. I feel a lot better but still pretty drained. Lifting my hand to push the buttons on the phone makes me tired. So nothing new to report but I did find something funny on Webjunkie. Classified ads deciphered! Here are just some examples:

Women seeking men
Special = Rode the short school bus
Wants Soulmate = One step away from stalking
Exotic Beauty = Would frighten a Martian

Men seeking women
Employed = On management track at Radio Shack
Like romantic walks on the beach = I read Cosmo and think this is what you want to hear
Artist = Delicate ego badly in need of massage

Job postings
Entry level position in up and coming company = You'll be making under $7 an hour; we'll be bankrupt in a year.
Apply in person = If you're old, fat or ugly you'll be told the position has been filled.
Join our fast paced company = We have no time to train you; you'll have to introduce yourself to your coworkers.

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