Friday, December 31, 2004

pornography and small town life

I’m fast becoming a porn site. I’m serious. This blog is turning up in a lot of less than savory searches. For instance :

  • Big boobs
  • Biggest tits
  • Free sexy hot stories to make guy get erection
  • Big fat obnoxious boss Whitney tits
  • Clara’s tits

I realize I’ll only get more hits by posting this but I feel the need to share this with you people. The ‘free sexy stories’ search happens at least once a day. You poor guy, just spring for the viagra. To celebrate my newfound dirtiness I’ve written a shameful limerick about servicing people sexually in order to be able to afford wine due to crippling student loan payments. You can find it at …a work in progress….

On a less perverted note someone searched ‘palmwood’ and came to my blog. It’s probably someone I know, as that’s the place to see everyone I ever went to high school with back in Ridgeway. Plus their internet provider was cogeco, which is the local cable provider. One time my mum went on this cable show and made chocolate fondue at the cogeco station. So that’s how I know it’s someone from the old neighborhood. Leave a comment next time……..were you surprised to come across my blog? What’s the weather like? Who’s the principal at RCBHS now? People in the city love that I’m from a small town, they love the stories. And whenever I meet a fellow Torontonian who comes from a place that (when you say the name of the town) just elicits a shrug and a slightly suspicious look like maybe you’re making it up, there is an instant bond. Bush parties, lack of public transit, teenage pregnancies, car crashes – these are things that every small towner knows intimately. Here's a good example of the strange aura that accompanies small towns. Jeremy went to Northern here in Toronto, which had thousands of students. I probably can't even fathom the actual number. My high school had about 400 students. I knew everyone by name. At least 4 people I went to high school with have died, either during school or a few years later. Jeremy - 0. Considering the odds that’s a little weird. I don’t want to leave everyone thinking negatively about small towns so I must say that I loved it there, high school was a blast. I just love it better here.

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