Monday, December 13, 2004

world’s biggest poutine and ocean’s twelve

On Saturday Jeremy and I went to the Eaton centre to pick up a wedding gift for a friend. We planned our trip to coincide with the world’s biggest poutine at Dundas square. By the time we got there the poutine was already divvied up but for a toonie you got a bowl and a juice. After laying eyes on this poutine I decided I wasn’t hungry but Jeremy wasn’t going to let his only chance at the world’s biggest poutine slip by. I did have a bite so I could also say that I ate some. It was awful. Raw fries, lumpy gravy and something that was possibly cheese. Urgh. There was a band and some prizes but after we didn’t win a game cube we headed over to the bay.
Now this was my first experience with the Bay gift registry (actually any gift registry) and I must say it was very easy. You can go into any Bay and look up the list of gifts, print it, take it to one of the registry sales people, pay for it and it will be waiting for the couple to be at the Bay of their choosing. Fabulous. The hardest part was sitting down at one of those desks with the registry lady and filling out the forms. First of all I had to come up with something to put on the card with Jeremy and the registry lady just sitting there waiting for me. Second of all it was just being in that area. Jer and I were very nervous and uncomfortable. We were giggly and cracking jokes about someone we know walking by and seeing us. I don’t know if it’s good or bad that we were so awkward. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and was happy to let Jer do all the talking. When you compare that to the other couples in that area, women brandishing scanner guns like assassins and men clutching clipboards to their chests as if it were a lifesaver and they were drowning, it was no wonder the sales ladies were looking at us oddly.

So now it’s Saturday night and we want to see a movie.
Hey look Ocean’s Twelve is playing, I want to see that. So we mosey on down to the varsity for the early show – sold out. Damn, well let’s get tickets for the late show now and come back later. Ok, its three hours later lets go back to the theatre. Yum popcorn, ok let’s find our seats – oh wait there are no seats. La di dah, let’s go get our money back and try again tomorrow. Sunday – la di
doo back to the theatre for a matinee, less crowded. Yay we’re watching the movie finally!! Haha that’s funny, oooh that’s hot, oh it’s almost over I can’t wait to see how it ends – huh. It ends in blackness in the middle of dialogue.

Ok that’s my little recap of the efforts we went through to see that damn movie. They did replay the end of the movie after a few minutes and handed out vouchers to everyone as we left the theatre. Let’s hope the curse does not extend to the vouchers next time we go to the movies.

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