Wednesday, January 5, 2005


“When Stewie tries to call home from the hotel he tries the first number that comes to mind; 867-5309 then screams "Damn you Tommy TuTone!" This references a song sung by Tommy TuTone called (appropriately) "867-5309/Jenny" in 1981. It was a big hit about a guy that called a woman whose number he found on the bathroom wall. It was TuTone's only real hit.” - family guy reference archives (awesome site by the way)

So I found
this site where a guy called every 867.5309 number in north america (per webjunkie). After googling 867-5309 I found that all things christie had featured the same site awhile back. Who knew how many people would be looking for Jenny?

Immediately after reading this I called 416.867.5309. I’m listening to it ring right now, unfortunately it’s just ringing and ringing. Sigh, a never ending ring. On the plus side I can use this as a fake number when I’m signing up for free samples of things and they require a real phone number.

Seriously tho people. Aren't all of us, in some way, trying to find 'Jenny'?

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