Tuesday, January 18, 2005

must bash someone's head......

I’m having a hard time being understanding towards people today. Like if I answer the phone and they ask my where they’ve called – when my greeting includes the company name. Sometimes I want to ask where do you think you called? Are you just dialing random numbers or did you specifically intend to call someone? Who gives these people telephones?

Update* A woman calls and starts asking questions that have nothing to do with the company she’s called. I say ‘I’m sorry I think you have the wrong number, this is whatever inc’. She reads the number she’s dialed and I tell her, yes that is my number. Confused, she hangs up. Two seconds later she calls back and begins with her previous questions. ‘m’am. I say. This is whatever inc. You have the wrong number. She says ‘but this is listed as whocares ltd in the yellow pages. Are you sure it’s not whocares ltd?’. I pause to contain my instinct to call this woman a moron and say I’m quite sure.

I wanted to ask her which she thought was more possible, a misprint in the almighty yellow pages or that I’m honestly not aware of which company I work for?

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