Monday, February 7, 2005

elm street and work party

I finally got my b-day present from Jeremy - the nightmare on elm street boxed set. It’s awesome, it even has 3-d glasses for the end sequence of Freddy’s dead. So cool. In addition to the 7 movies there is a bonus DVD with games and interviews and all that. Really wild. So this weekend we watched all seven movies. I didn’t have any Freddy dreams until after the last one, new nightmare, which was last night. Oh Freddy. Sigh.

Anyway in between our fright fest my annual work party was Saturday evening so Jeremy and I got all spiffed up to attend. We even got to have our photo taken like a prom or something. So cute. The rest of the pics are at clarapics in the work party album. They had a buffet style dinner and each table had a street sign identifying the kind of food there. Like Danforth had Greek, College had Italian and so on. Queen street was my fav because it was desserts. As soon as we sat down and saw the menu Jer perused it for a minute and said quite seriously ‘y’know if I pace myself I can eat every dessert on queen street’. I think he did.

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