Wednesday, February 2, 2005

my boyfriend the comedian

As far as I’m concerned, winter is over. In keeping with this theme, and also valentine’s, I wanted to introduce some new colour into my makeup palette. I ordered from my sister (Avon) an eye shadow thingy with pink, green, blue and purple. I mostly have browns so I’m thinking an accent of colour with this would be cute. As I excitedly told Jeremy about my new colours last night he deadpanned ‘so we’re breaking up?’…, huh? ‘cuz you sure as hell aren’t wearing that out in public with me’ then he broke into hysterical laughter at his own hilarity. I should’ve said ‘yes we are’ when I had the chance. I ended up laughing at his stupid joke and now I’m stuck with him.

I'm excited and yet very afraid of what this Valentine's Day will bring.

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