Thursday, March 3, 2005


I had a burst of creative energy last night. The result is my multi-hued Delilah of dubious moral fortitude.

I’ve always believed (ever since I was a child) that when I created something - be it a place, a person, creature, whatever – that it came alive in some other place. Like London Below, the Fugue, the five dominions of Imajica, or Fionavar. Some place where whatever I drew, painted or wrote into being actually became. That’s why I hated having unfinished faces. I pictured some poor woman wandering about without eyes or a scribble for a mouth. That’s just cruel. Anyway my point is that wherever she is, and she IS somewhere, Delilah is causing trouble. She can’t help it, it’s in her nature. I should know – I created it.

I also have some new stuff up at
…a work in progress…. But I don’t think any of you care because I’ve only ever gotten one comment there. Thanks Aunty Kay – goddess of the tax return.
*Maria has reminded me that she also left a comment on ...a work in progress.... - which is true. Thanks doll.

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