Tuesday, March 15, 2005

let's try this again...

The St. Patrick’s Day parade was good, but I was disappointed with the turnout. This was a parade people!!! as promised I popped my window out so I could get some good pics. the best part was when the people waved up at us. Well Jeremy mostly as he had his Guinness hat on and drew a lot of attention. Unfortunately he also drew the attention of my arch nemesis – Mr. Peanut. As soon as Jer was like, ‘hey it’s Mr. Peanut!’, I hit the floor. Now he knows where I live. Well if I disappear you all know what happened to me.
I loved the Irish wolfhounds. I must have one. I think I’ll get a teacup poodle and an Irish wolfhound and a cat. That’s my ideal menagerie. Also maybe a large tortoise that lives under my porch

Anyway after that was FIMO!!! I made a bird from these instructions. it turned out really well. After accusing Jeremy of stalling all night it turns out he actually made something. A glorious eggplant. I want him to make me a pair of eggplant earrings. David’s Thumper is also featured below. A stunning reproduction don’t you think?

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