Thursday, March 10, 2005

more trophies please...

Okay as I’m about to expound on the subject of f beauty pageants I feel I should have a disclaimer that these are after all – my opinions only. People can get touchy about these sort of things. That being said – why are some of you even trying? I mean really. You don’t see me up there strutting my generous stuff and I should thank some of you to extend the same courtesy to the rest of us. I would really love for Canada to win the Miss Universe title. Or at least place high. I think we have a good shot this year with Natalie. She stopped by the office and I’ve met her once or twice but it was always fleeting. We had a chance to chat and we we’re looking at some of the applications for next year. Now when Ingrid and I were looking at these earlier we were quite catty. Like 5’4”? nice try sweetie. Or ‘not with those thighs’. Horrible I know but that is the nature of the beast (ok Miguel just called and he thought that ‘nice try’ thing was great). Aaaaanyway – Natalie however, was very complimentary and pleasant about the new applicants. So she’s got the attitude down. Obviously she’s got the brains and the looks or she wouldn’t have won the miss universe Canada title. But most important – as she’s leaving I say ’hey how tall are you anyway?’ ‘5’10” she says. The girl has height, which is very important whether anyone admits it or not. We haven’t won since 1982. Finland has won more than us. So Natalie, good luck and do Canada proud! Seriously – I need as many opportunities to paint my face red and white as possible. And maybe wear a t-shirt with a maple leaf over each boob. Do they make those?

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