Thursday, March 17, 2005

reunited and it feels so good….

Oh flatiron you never let me down. And chocolate martinis we’ve only just met but so far so good. Connie, Jen, Maria and myself all tied one on last night. Oh Maria – how I miss your zany daily influence. The ntn was okay; we weren’t really paying attention but I won the sci-files and that’s all I care about. At the end of the night it was just me and Jen and for some reason we started getting chatted up by two young boys. I mean young. We thought they were sixteen and about to be booted but turns out it was the one guys 19th birthday. They thought I was 28. and you know they lowballed that estimate to be nice so apparently I look like I’m 30. Bastards.
I’m feeling alright this morning, but I have a bad habit of calling everyone I know when I’m drunk and I can’t remember exactly who I called last night. I hope I didn’t make an ass out of myself. This is why I shouldn’t get that drunk without having Jeremy around – he’s the voice of reason in those cases.

I'm singing 'reunited' to Jen. I guess I’m not very good

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