Wednesday, March 30, 2005

they tickled me they can do the same for you...

This is totally over and done with but I just found it so it’s new to me. You need to start at the beginning of the Laura K. thing but you’ll probably go back to a week of kindness blog to get up to date.
Here’s an excerpt to titillate you –

Laura K. Krishna is a Plagiarist.
What follows is the epic saga of a random instant message that came to me from a stranger this weekend, asking whether I wanted to be paid to write a college paper for her.

No Gift Says "Class" Like Half-finished Champagne
overheard - Woman: He wouldn't let me leave the store until I bought the champagne. So I bought it and went home and started drinking it, and it was the best stuff ever! I'd gone through half the bottle when I thought I should stop, so then I went over and gave it to the neighbors.

And lastly
Shorter speeches, tighter pants
“there are some nerdy kids two alleys over filming something and one dude has red paint all over his face with black stripes and a trench coat and they have a big sign that says film shoot in progress. um, duh. you have a camera and you're a bunch of goofs hanging around obviously you are filming some stupid script you've put together.

so should i wear a t-shirt when i am walking along that says "i am walking" on it or "walking in progress" or "hey look at me walk" or "right now i am walking in case you weren't sure already but yes it's true i am walking and i hope i am not inconveniencing you in any way that's why i am wearing this t-shirt to let you know that i am strictly walking but if i plan on doing anything else i will let you know" ?

i also get annoyed at books that say, "a novel" on the cover. hey thanks for the tip, for a second there i thought this was a telephone.”

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