Wednesday, April 6, 2005

damn city mice

Well Fievel has proven to be a worthy adversary. First I put out poison, which he moved to various locations in my apartment. This weekend I bought the neck-breaking mouse-traps and a tub of peanut butter and let Jeremy carry out his fool-proof plan. We spent the next few days waiting anxiously for that horrible SNAP as a trap was sprung. When I got home last night I checked the traps and the peanut butter had been licked clean off every one and none had been triggered. I told Jer when he came over and he didn’t believe me. After getting down on hands and knees and seeing it for himself he sprang up and heatedly said ‘cunning bastard’.

All right mousy, you win this round. But you've gotten cocky - darting out to stare at me as I watch tv.....tunneling into my garbage.....foraging among my DVD's!! Next I’m getting the glue paper and if I catch you I’m flinging you into the alley behind my apartment where the junkies hang out. It’s on.

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