Friday, April 15, 2005

i suffer for my art...others should too

I’ve gone through a pseudo-creative phase between last night and now. Back in high school I painted gold glitter nail polish on a white bic lighter so it would match my prom ensemble. Well feast your eyes upon the new fruits of my labours – four stunning and entirely original lighters. Aren’t they grand? Simple, yet elegant. Ahhh, bic lighters.

We’re having a baby shower at work for one of the managers and I was in charge of balloon blowing. I did this once before and now apparently I am the official blower. Well I am good at it. You’d be amazed at how many people are completely baffled by a balloon in a balloon. “how on earth…”, “did they come like that?” and “it’s a balloon – in another balloon!?! Wow!” Now I’m thrilled at the compliments, they are nice balloons (with baby themed confetti inside the clear balloons), but it’s not rocket science people. Maybe I’m just so gifted with balloons that I take it for granted. Sigh, the curse of true greatness.

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