Monday, April 11, 2005

sat and sun

Saw Sin City this weekend. So good. If you don’t like comic books don’t watch it. My favourite parts were anything featuring the ladies of old town. Busty badass scantily clad gun-toting prostitutes? Awesome. My dream girl would fit right in there.

Jeremy and myself also went to refried beats…again. I love the little treasures we find there. I picked up
Knightriders on one of our last trips – and it looks FABULOUS! Jeremy thinks it looks awful but what does he know. He won’t even watch In The Woods.

I was a little disappointed that the TTC strike didn’t happen. Hopefully I won’t get lynched for saying that but it would have been cool to have seen the pandemonium. At least for one day. I wasn’t living here for the blackout so I missed that excitement. Also the
Yonge & Dundas shooting occurred on the weekend so I missed that as well. Actually I’m okay with missing that. I could’ve been shot in my ass. Like Forrest Gump.

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