Tuesday, May 17, 2005

........i didn't say how much later

I got all my work done yesterday so I can write you all a weekend re-cap post now, don’t expect poetry. KT came to visit for the weekend and we all went bridesmaid dress shopping. Found something, something we all LOVE if you can believe it, and will wear again. Yay. Later we went to the in-laws for din and Kt has (for the moment) become favourite, even tho she didn’t clean her plate. Jer, Kt and I went to Unleashed on Sunday. I cried, what else is new. Jet Li is amazing. Sigh. Kt and I hit up ABC Books and nearly cleaned them out. Anyway a fun time was had by all, except for an hour long period of standing out in the rain at Bayview station due to crossed wires. The lightening was pretty to watch tho.

Last night was the baby shower for Tracey and I think we all got pretty drunk. It was a blast. The women I work with are so awesome. They’re strong and confident and have the BEST raunchy stories. Ah, I love it. My night ended with a message on my phone from pseudo sister in-law Hayley which I don’t remember. I do know I called her back and left a message, I just don’t know what I said. Heh.

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