Tuesday, May 10, 2005

i had a caan last night

Last night I had a romantic dream about James Caan. Romantic not erotic you pervs. And you know what? It was nice. I mean the dream morphed into a weird killing monster that preyed on serial killers but then started killing everyone. It looked like something out of an anime I must’ve seen but can’t place. When you’d open your door you’d see this tall figure all in black with a black Freddy hat and his arms crossed like a corpse. Then once you realized what it was and said ‘oh shit’ the head came up and this white face with an bizarre grin could be seen and the arms slowly unfolded and then I think he threw small dagger/knife things at you.

Anyway back to James and I. I’m pretty sure this came about because I watched Las Vagas last night and every time I watch it I’m like ‘man I would love to work at the Montecito for Ed (James)’. Now I said it wasn’t erotic, which it wasn’t, but things did get pretty hot and heavy before James decided he wanted to take things slow at first (if you can believe it). Eventually some woman kept trying to break us up (at some point during the dream I’m pretty sure we fell in love or at least had deep feelings – see I told you romantic!). So I enlisted the aid of my best friend, Monica from friends, tho eventually I was on my own because she had to go and do a live performance of an officer and a gentleman. After much cat-fighting and wacky schemes it turns out this woman wasn’t trying to break us up so she could have James, she wanted ME!! I’m sure I was tempted (blonde stunner she was) but in the end the Caan prevailed. It ended with him throwing me over his shoulder and taking me up to a suite at the Montecito. But that may have been when I was half awake and trying to mold the dream to my own imaginings.

Love that Jimmy Caan.

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