Thursday, May 12, 2005

perv with clean dishes

You’ll never believe it – I cleaned my kitchen last night. By kitchen I mean a counter with a sink, two shelves and a stove. But you can see for yourself. So if you ever wonder why I don’t cook, this here is a contributing factor. It is nice and clean now but c’mon – it’s tiny.

I’m preparing for my darling little sister KT to come up and visit. We’re hunting for bridesmaid dresses this weekend but she’s coming a few days early to get to know Toronto. I think she’ll LOVE IT. I know I do. Oh Toronto….oh my…yeah that’s it right there….oh….TORONTO!!!

Ahh, so funny. And pervy. Every single time I’ve tried one of those love meter things where you put in a quarter and place your hand on it I’ve gotten pervert. You can’t fight the love meter man. Don’t even try.

Also here’s me looking cute, ready to head out for work. Enjoy.

Do I look extra stunning? I lost 5llbs. Not a lot but a very nice start.

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