Monday, June 20, 2005

lovely weekend

Friday I met Maria for drinks at the Flatiron. Ah, beer. Now that I don’t drink at home it’s so much more fun going out for beer. Anyway we played NTN and I won the BATMAN round. Since I just saw Batman Begins and you all know my feeling about Christian Bale I feel this somehow means we are meant to be together. Ah, it was great fun, we requested “sunglasses at night’ and then danced around in our sunglasses. Maria is convinced that she saw Morgan Freeman. I’m not so sure but it did really look like him and he was wearing a long trench coat and that’s the sort of thing he always wears in movies. After we thought he walked by the window we were both glued to the door for like 15 minutes because we thought he would come into the Flatiron for a beer. No such luck.

more flatiron sights at today's grinchala post

Sat & Sun were spent running around shopping with Jeremy (birthdays and a wedding) we ended up having to go to the Dufferin Mall BOTH days, but on a plus note we got to stop in Toys ‘R Us. Jer got this cool Batman penlight that casts the Batman Logo on the wall. When we got home we went in the bathroom and shut off the light so we could get the full effect. Awesome. He also picked up a cool Vader t-shirt. I found a great InuYasha t-shirt at the Smoke & Shop at Yonge and Bloor for $5!! I forgot to take a pic tho.

Sunday I finally got to have homemade food at the in-laws. It was delicious (rhubard pie for dessert!!) and the highlight for me was definitely perusing through some baby picture albums Denise put together and Jeremy’s baby book. She told me I put to many pictures of her son on here but I’ll have to do this one.

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