Wednesday, June 15, 2005

naughty piece of baggage

I’m a bad, bad, naughty little girl. Payday today so what do I do? Go shopping on my lunch hour. I did get things I needed but I got a few extras too….and with my sister getting married within this pay period I need to save money for that. Darn. Y’know gifts and shoes for my dress and travel expenses and blah blah bah. Not to mention father’s day and numerous birthdays. Heh. Ah well I got the CUTEST WEEKEND BAG EVER. And technically it’s practical because I have to go home for a week and need the extra carrying room. Oooh, I’ll take pictures of it tonight and show you all tomorrow. Don’t act uninterested I know there are some purse and bag fiends out there, namely binsk and elo but there are more……

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