Wednesday, June 8, 2005

oh. hi there muse.

I’m working on reviving a short story I began in high school or university (can’t remember which). It’s science fiction; a real pulpy old school feeling piece. I think it may get a bit gruesome by the end and for sure will have some crazy ending that no one will ever see coming. I’ll post it on grinchala when it’s done and I’ll let you know. also I hope to work more on that romance novel, but that’s gonna take awhile because it’s gonna be actual book length hopefully. I have an excerpt on grinchala. I was going through some boxes the other night, Jeremy ran out of game boy games to play and I thought I had some more kicking around; I didn’t find any games but I found a bunch of notebooks, poems and cartoons I had abandoned some time ago. In one of the books was the sci-fi story about team ‘Hades’ and their sad end. It made be realize how little I’ve been writing lately (creatively) and I think I felt something akin to determination. I’m not sure exactly, it was so foreign but I think they may have been what it was. Anyway I’m hoping to finish that short story. Be patient, I’ve worked out some plot points today and maybe I’ll finish it this weekend. It’s just little.
Here's a sneak peek:

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