Wednesday, June 1, 2005

wing critic

Last night I headed to the Duke of Gloucster to meet Maria for her chicken wing judging. Jamie, Connie & Dave joined in the fun as well. Sigh, I didn’t realize how much I missed having pints on a patio. It was such a carefree feeling and the company was great, plus I had joe balls.

Here is Maria making her initial comments upon receiving her wings. Such dedication to the art of the wing! And here’s the whole gang, technically I think we were just Maria's entourage but as you can see we were enjoying the weather, food and beer.

On the left are the famous joe balls that I adore (tho I asked for pesto and they brought me jalapeno) and on the right is a deep fried mars bar that Connie and I split. Soooo good. You’ll notice in both pics is my trusty pint of Keith’s. it was the only beer my friends would buy in university so it’s always the first that comes to mind when ordering.

I’m anxiously awaiting Maria’s final decision regarding the wings there…..

AND on an unrelated matter…..Happy Birthday Daddoo!! Look at that boyish grin.

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