Monday, June 6, 2005

woofstock, mice and spaghetti

This weekend was mine and Jeremy’s one year anniversary. We both realized it on Saturday when we glanced at the calendar and saw my hearts drawn on the day. For celebrations we headed down to woofstock at the distillery then on to the old spaghetti factory for din.

Here you can see people milling about the entrance of woofstock and some buildings that Jer took.

After that it was on to the old spaghetti factory, I wanted to go to red lobster for anniversary food but we were right there and I’d never been there before so in we went. I was a little woozy from the sun (as you can see – easily startled) and Jeremy is faking unhappiness when in reality he was happy as a clam, it’s his favourite restaurant. And look spumoni ice cream!!!! I haven’t had that in since I was nine!

That night we had a little run in with some more of Fievel’s children. The one in the sink got away, but the one in the bathtub Jeremy caught and took outside to day camp. Another one was playing in a pizza box and Jer caught that too. Poor Jer, he was fast asleep and I woke him up TWICE to come and get mice. I know, I have a bit of a mouse babies problem but at least we got rid of a couple….

This morning Margaret was back in the office from vacation and she got me and Ingrid presents – PURSES!! Here’s mine, that’s real leather baby!! I love it….

What a lucky girl I am…hmmm, is she talking about the one year anniversary or the purse……or the spaghetti…..hmmm….

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