Monday, July 25, 2005

have YOU ever seen a cat chase a spider up a tree?

Saturday Jer and I went to brunch for Connie’s b-day, we met Maria just before everyone got there. It was great. We went to le petit dejeuner and I got a hungry gal breakfast and a cocktail (L.P Dellini – sparkling wine, peach schnapps and mango juice, try this one at home people). Afterwards the rest of the party moved on down to the beaches and Jer and I split to meet my parents. For those of you who don’t know, my parents own a chocolate store in Niagara Falls. Anyway the coffee machine broke and in the face of revolt from her workers, my mum entrusted Jeremy with the task of procuring a Starbucks machine (they have one at home and are in love, in fact my mum was thrilled when the crappy machine broke down and she had an excuse to get one for the chocolate store). So we met them to make the drop off. they came to my apartment and parked in the alley behind it. So we go out to meet them with the coffee machine and there are these two crazies sitting out there on lawn chairs. Jer and I walked by to get to my parents and one guy has a huge gash on his head and covers it saying ‘don’t look at me’. Don’t worry. So were chatting for a bit by the car and eventually this crazy walks over and feels like he has to explain his wound to us. Apparently a cat was chasing a spider up a tree and he had to get it down and it scratched him. Afterwards he ‘threw the cat away’. Alrighty. He left and we continued our impromptu visit. Five minutes later he comes back and tells us he wasn’t being honest and that he just got out of jail, then he mumbled something about his daughter and we decided the visit was over. We didn’t hug my parents and gran goodbye, as we normally would have, because I think we all subconsciously realized that this guy probably would have tried to get in there somehow. Anyway it was a weird encounter.

Wow I just got hardcore deja vous. Seriously.

Anyway that same guy ended up across the street from my apartment for the night, on the step of a shop that left him in view from my window. He proceeded to yell ‘fuck you’ at the top of his lungs for an hour straight (almost as if in tune with some haunting inner melody, which may very well have been the case) and he chased after a couple of teenagers who threw their water at him. Dude went off. I got to fall asleep to his cursing and ranting and the next day he was still there, tho passed out on the sidewalk.

Ah, the view from my window. A.K.A – bumwatch.

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