Thursday, September 8, 2005

hnt – take me to your leader

While sitting around at home I wear a head band to keep my unruly locks from my face. I hate hair touching my face. It goes on first thing in the morning and stays on until after I’ve done makeup and all that crap. I’ve gone through many headbands, I’m very hard on them, and after the last one broke the only one I had left was this black one. I’d used in for Halloween to be a bumblebee and the pipe cleaners never found there way off there. Now it has a more ‘alien’ feel that I quite like. The only problem is that I’ll go to nudge/nuzzle Jeremy’s neck and he’ll get an eye full of glittery pipe cleaner. But it’s a price I’m wiling to pay to start a new trend. I really, really think I may start wearing it out.

guidelines for HNT

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