Tuesday, October 25, 2005

ah beloved pets gone by

In a family of four kids with no allergies and a big backyard, you’re gonna have pets. We had many many pets over the years. Cats, dogs, tortoises, budgies, finches, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, rabbits and even an owl. May they rest in piece. We loved them all, tho the cats multiplied so quickly there were times we simply couldn’t name them all. Eventually we had to take these 30+ cats to the animal shelter and claim some old woman had died and they were found in her house. Calm down mother, they’re not going to track you down and give them back. You see there is a barn at my parents place and naturally strays migrate there. We’ll start out with 4 cats and eventually the feral barn cats will start socializing and breeding (LOUDLY) with the house cats. Soon enough you have 30 half wild cats that you have to fight your way through every time you want to leave or enter the house. I won’t tell you what would’ve have happened to those cats when my dad was a boy. Anyway amidst the multitude of felines I had my own kitten once. Her name was Toonces and she was special. When she was young my eldest sister backed over her in the car. She survived but forever had a bump in her tail and a bum back leg that stuck out like a hockey stick. The stairs up to my bedroom were fairly steep and whenever she’d go down them her back legs would end up in the air and she’d be going down solely on her two front paws. Honestly, you can even ask me mum. It was the closest relationship I’ve ever had with a cat. She came when I called her, slept in bed with me and obviously preferred me over everyone else. I had (still have actually) a locket with her picture in it. Best cat ever. Since then I’ve had a rat named Marjabelle, a lop eared bunny named Edward King George Juicy Fruit Mambo and a guinea pig named Fizzgig. These are just the pets that were solely mine. Oh I had a few more cats ( Lady Brenna & Chun Li) but they either died or were given away without my knowledge (JENNA!!) and a strong attachment never formed. the only ever pet I felt I had a special relationship with was our German Shepherd Puccini. Now I really loved Taffy, the dog I grew up knowing, but I had a strong bond with Pucci. He would sit out with my during happy hour in high school (glass of wine and a few smokes while listening to music. I habit I only broke this year, but break it I did), I’d let him sleep in bed with me sometimes and he was HUGE so more often then not he got more covers than me. I’m not blind, I know he favoured my dad over anyone else, but I was next. I would feed him Ceaser salad off my plate with a fork for goodness sake!! And I always fussed over him and pet him. This may not sound like much but he was a very stinky dog and the rest of the family wouldn’t even touch him and were constantly telling him to leave the room or get out of the way. Yes I know it seems harsh but he was REALLY stinky. Why didn’t it bother me you ask? Well as a smoker I smell things less violently and I really am quite flexible when it comes to cleanliness in general. Plus he was so darn cute. When I was being depressed and angsty in high school he would sit in head on the edge of the couch where I was lying huddled and devastated and when I came up for a moment of air he would lick my face with lightening speed. You can’t help but smile at that, and any smile I was utterly grateful for at that time. He had a unique friendship with my bunny too. Remember Edward King George Juicy Fruit Mambo? Well Pucci would follow this fat little bunny around like it was his mother. They would curl up and sleep together and when Juicy died Pucci cried. Seriously he actually cried.
Sadly Toonces has been gone for many years and Pucci was put down last year (cancer). They remain my favourites in a multitude of animals gone by and to this day I miss them (wow I almost made myself cry!). When I ultimately get pets again it will be quite hard to find a cat and dog that can measure up to these lovely creatures. Maybe I should’ve had them stuffed or something. Ah well I’ve have to settle for pictures.

Now if you’ve noticed I have a penchant for odd names (ah my poor eventual children) but they all were inspired by someone. Well a character anyway. I’ll reveal them tomorrow but I thought some of you might enjoy the challenge. I guess I’ll have to give you something if you win. Um, I’ll write an ode to you or a limerick and post it. Hey I once wrote an ode to dr. pepper and a toilet respectively so believe me I can do it.

My pet’s names:
Chun Li
Lady Brenna
Edward King George Juicy Fruit Mambo
Puccini (for the record I wanted to name him Worf)

I think we let my baby sister name Taffy and she was just named for, well, Taffy.

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