Friday, October 14, 2005


Once more we shall journey to my enigmatic past. Okay maybe nothing quite so dramatic, but still – high school grad photos!!! As you can see the photographer was easygoing enough to let me do a few VERY famous Clara faces. If you ever meet in the outernet (real world), guaranteed you’ll see the nose scrunch. It can convey displeasure, disgust - tho to be perfectly honest that’s not something I feel very often. In fact you’d be hard pressed to find something that actually disgusts me. Anyhoo moving on, the nose scrunch can express puzzlement, deep concentration or perhaps my sinuses are just bothering me. There’s another gesture where apparently I hook my finger around my nose and point, tho this may be pure fabrication spread by Jeremy in an attempt to make me seem feeble minded.

There was another grad pic where I stuck my tongue out on a tradition my older sister started, but I gave it to her. Use your imaginations like I know you already have you pervs.

p.s I get to see Maria tonight. WITH BEER! Jealous?

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