Thursday, October 27, 2005

thanks for playing....

Okay Melissa and Tom got two more pets off the list. Melissa identified Fizzgig as the furry little pet of Kira’s from the Dark Crytsal and Tom knew that Chun Li was a delicious ass kicking babe from Street Fighter. Update* Melissa got one more - my rat was named for Marjabelle Young, etiquette expert. Good girl, that was a tougher one. I'll give you a hint for the last two - they are characters in books.

There once was a girl named Meliss,
Who seldom went amiss,
She’d take her sweet time,
Chat up a cat or a mime,
Tho they’d never talk back, it was bliss.

There once was a boy named Tom,
Who rarely got it wrong,
Sure it seemed like he did,
Who’s he trying to kid?
But I just love life anime drawn!

Okay you blessed creatures, there’s still some more names to get but I have to take some time for HNT, which I will do shortly. The last three are hard so i'll give you hints if you ask. Nicely. Or naughtily. Either way.

The remains:
My pet’s names:
Toonces claimed by Ice Queen
Marjabelle claimed by
Fizzgig claimed by Melissa
Chun Li claimed by
Lady Brenna
Edward King George Juicy Fruit Mambo
Puccini claimed by
Ice Queen

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