Wednesday, November 9, 2005

ah, no stalkers s'il vous plait

Anthony had a delightful response to the zoolander much post of yesterday:

“Yet again, Clara and Jeremy make a case for being the quirkiest, zaniest, and most definitely, the funniest couple in downtown T.O.”

Be still my heart, I do love my flattery. Even when it involves someone else. Ah.

Hey I was just thinking, I use that Ah in a lot in posts and having never met me most may not get it’s intended meaning/tone. It’s a sigh really. An appreciation of sorts. It’s a sound I make after a good laugh, I sit back and go ‘Ah’. It’s not too soft. It says many things, like ‘good stuff’, ‘that’s gold’ , ‘man I amuse myself’ and 'oh I am precious'. Just so we’re all clear. If you’re lucky you just may hear it someday.

If you’re in the Toronto area you may be lucky enough to see me AND try some of my family’s delicious chocolate. Nigh’s will be attending the
Gourmet Food & Wine Expo at the Metro convention centre. We’ll be in the Niagara Pavilion because, yes Toronto, I had another city before you. The expo runs from November 17th to the 20th, tho I’ll only be there for the weekend (sat/sun). Just so any family members who are worried about this sort of thing, won’t, I’ll have to ask that no stalkers show up. It would be horribly embarrassing and my mother would get to say ‘I told you so’, not that she ever does.

No really I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say that.
I really do miss doing shows like that. Here 's my sister and I when we had a space at Robinson's in the Niagara Square, many years ago. I'm on the left, looks like Grade 6.

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