Wednesday, November 16, 2005

defeated!!! maria's party....

Maria’s big bday bash was Monday night, and tho I was forewarned, I still lost the Maria trivia challenge. The shame!! I came in 2nd, which is good, but I still can’t believe I lost. All those fabulous prizes, lost. Sigh. Anyway here's some highlights...

Maria blows out her sparkler. Or tries to anyway.

Maria’s new title and the guy who kicked my ass in Maria trivia -rubbing it in my face!!!.

Eva played her violin for the birthday girl…. and the Accordion Guy gave a little serenade for Maria.

I finally met
An Argentinian in Toronto
Jay, who won the trivia challenge (you bastard)
photojunkie gave me Pringles out of Jay’s prize pack, or maybe Jay volunteered them I don’t know…..

If I missed any bloggers who were there, forgive me, I stole all these links from Maria so blame her.

Some other people were there, but they don’t have something for me to link too so…. ha.

Oh but I must mention Lily, who Maria went to school with in Switzerland because she understands my true love of Andy Lau and for that reason I will love her forever.

I had a GREAT time and I will definately go back to Hemingway's, the atmosphere was very fun tho I did have to ask twice for every pint I did eventually get beer. Therefore the party had a happy ending. Even tho I was defeated and will never live down the shame. Good times all around.

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Ha-ha! Don’t worry try coming first the next time. Nice pictures though! Even I am looking for a violin player for my best friend’s birthday party because she loves listening to violin. I have booked a very beautiful Chicago event space for her birthday party.