Monday, November 7, 2005

hi darthy i'm hoooome!

Friday I met up with a high school chum (well we go back to public school really) and we hit up the Artful Dodger for a few beer. Ah what fun. We hadn’t seen each other in quite a few years and I think we were both pleased to discover that when all the ‘remember when’ was done we still had crap to talk about. You know how it’s a gamble when you meet up with an old friend, just how much will you have in common after 5 years? Well turns out we still get along like gangbusters. Being as laid back as we are I’m really not all that surprised. Well you’ll hear more about misadventures with Shylo in the future I’m sure.

When I stumbled home ( I said we had a good time) I was greeted by this:

Jeremy had situated him right inside the door hoping to scare me when I got home, but I think the plan backfired because as soon as I saw Darth I yelled ‘wow! That’s awesome!”’ then proceeded to wake Jer up asking where he came from. Hahaha, I never get the last laugh so it was a nice treat. One I didn’t appreciate till the morning tho, when I saw his cranky face. Ha.

I’m not sure where to put Darth tho. Bedroom? Or should we keep him in the entryway to greet people?

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