Wednesday, November 2, 2005

on how clara likes to play dress up

This is what happens when Clara is left alone to watch America’s Next Top Model. Especially when Tyra gives the girls an impromptu photo shoot using only Vaseline. How could you not want to try that?!? I do have a long history of dressing up on a whim.

Once when I was younger I had sat down to watch TV with my family while bundled in towels (fresh out of the shower). The towel around my hair fell down and I tucked it behind my ears. Naturally I caught a glimpse of myself at some point (probably reflected in the glass from a picture or some such thing) and realized just how Egyptian I looked. Going on instinct I leapt up and ran from the room. Who knows what my family thought or if they even noticed, such flights of fancy were not unknown in that house. When I returned to the living room several minutes later I was Cleopatra reborn. Gown, jewelry, make-up – the works. I’m pretty sure I just sat down and watched TV again (frequently stealing glances at the new me no doubt) but my urges had been fulfilled.

Another incident occurred later in life tho I can’t remember what spurred it on. It was the same sort of thing, one aspect of my appearance reminded me of a character and I then filled in the blanks. I think perhaps it was the hair. I had done two buns on top of my head and I realized that (except for the long pigtails) how similar it was to Sailor Moon. Of course then all I needed was a short skirt, skimpy top and a glitter moon painted on my cheek (it was a loose interpretation). Ah yes and the classic unscrewed broom handle weapon. I then went outside, on top of a hill and practiced my moves.
Much like this kid. This wasn’t as odd as you may think. You see this particular female warrior attire had a precedent. When my sister and I were young (kindergarten and up I think) we would frequently don our baby sisters skirts, put ponytails on top of our heads and unscrew the handles from brooms to be staffs. What were we? Well if you asked us at the time we would have growled something that sounded like Amazon I believe. Or maybe we said Zulu warrior. Either way we were a tribe of fierce badass babes who practiced our weaponry in the backyard and of course jumping back and forth between the two adjacent couches. So you see the Sailor Moon affair dates back to early childhood. The Sailor Moon thing itself happened when I was 17.

p.s. If the Star Wars Kid video depressed you for some reason, you’ll be pleased to know the story has a
happy ending.

Happy Indecisive Day! From Big Dipper

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