Tuesday, December 20, 2005

one more reason to come to canada....

Until last night I had never heard the stories regarding Oak Island in Nova Scotia and the Money Pit. I was watching a show called “Northern Mysteries” and they had this wicked segment on the Knights Templar coming to Canada and possibly hiding the Holy Grail here. I HAD NO IDEA!! But it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? When I worked at the Niagara Parks Commission I got a lot a lot of people (crazy and non) telling me that Canada was God’s chosen land and that when Armageddon comes we’ll all be safe here. Crazy tho this may have seemed (especially from the guy who got visions in the mist from the falls) you can’t help liking the sound of that. Well if you’re in Canada. Then I saw this show. What if the Holy Grail IS in Canada and it (the country) is blessed in some way? Certainly makes sense to me. As soon as the fiery rain kicks in I’m heading for Nova Scotia. To be closer to the Grail.

And maybe I’ll swing by Newfoundland to get ‘screeched-in’. Hey if the world’s ending anyway…

Ah, forbidden cod love.

Fraser’s pic stolen from here, Monty Python from here.

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