Friday, January 13, 2006

mary, queen of THE WORLD?!??

I saw this book when in St. Catharines, spending all my money at the book depots big Boxing Day bash. I should have bought it. At least I took a picture of it.
’How the Scots invented the modern world and everything in it’. Doesn't sound plausible? Well maybe you need to discern the difference between the Scots stereotype and reality

It’s a theory I’ve never heard but it‘s one I can get behind. Just look at all those
Scottish inventions.

Sure the book has well researched arguments and historical examples but I’m really not interested in that. I’m interested in a burly Scottish overlord. Growr. Well thinking of the Scots as a world power only gets me to thinking about them in charge today, specifically of me.

Hey you can’t read books with covers like this and not get some ideas:

Oh Lachlan...

Maybe I could be a concubine. Sure it sounds demeaning to women but laying around all day, being attended by servants and occasionally getting up to go be serviced….how perfect is that? As long as I had a ton of books and my playstation....

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