Wednesday, February 22, 2006

room for one more

Milo will be re-prodded tomorrow so there will be no post my luvlies. Just a warning. I’ll be back Friday. If you miss me you can scroll down a post and listen to me and Jeremy playing the didgeridoo or trying to, respectively.

I found this link (via
webjunkie). It’s a store that sells group clothing. I wasn’t sure exactly how to describe them so here are some examples. I don’t think I could get Jeremy to go for these; the man won’t even kiss me in public. I live near the village and he thinks it’s an insult to the gay community if breeders flaunt their heteroness. Yeah he’s so metro it hurts. Anyway the dancing shoes are probably a good idea. There’d be no escaping my awkward flailing bear movements then! Hahaha!

I’m particularly fond of the couch dress. No really. If this thing were cheaper I would totally buy one. I would always be comfy. So would anyone else who happened to be on the couch with me. I’d just have to remember to wear pants.

Well underwear at the very least.

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