Tuesday, April 25, 2006

all she wrote

Tomorrow’s the big day. So this’ll be the last post for awhile. Well a few days anyway. Who knows maybe I’ll be up and typing away the day I come home from the hospital. Maybe I’ll audioblog garbled morphine induced messages straight from my hospital bed! Will they give me morphine? I hope so. I had some when they took my appendix out and it was sweet.

I’m getting nervous. About everything that tomorrow’s event signifies the start of. But also just tomorrow in of itself. Surgery isn’t quite my idea of a good time. Not when I’m involved. You all know I’m looking forward to a badass scar. That would make this all worthwhile. And being cancer free I guess that’ll be nice too. What if my scar is minimal? What if it fades to nothing and the one thing I’m most looking forward too (besides being waited on hand and foot for several weeks) is a mere afterthought. Or – horrors – what if once I see the scar I feel so alienated by my own reflection I change my whole 'scars are badass' outlook? Many anime heroes/villains would never be the same!

I can’t even fathom it. Sigh. Anyhoo here are some pictures of me, and my various features, to comfort you in the cold, black days of claralessness ahead.

And of course, for the last time EVER - my neck.


See you in a few my lovelies. Mwah.

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