Friday, April 7, 2006

as promised - two more stories from young clara


There’s a legend about the Old Rocky Island. It all started when a young man named John wanted to go to the Rocky Island so bad that one night he sneaked out of the house and set off for his journey. The next day he came to an old woman. STOP! STOP! She cried. You must be blind! No one has gone to the Rocky Island for years since my husband went there and he never came back. Nonsense! he cried. I must go. NO! she sobbed. Well, john said. Why are you so worried about me? she stopped crying. Because, it is a dangeres place. Don’t go! I am going. Fine take this dog and it will lead you. It will take you to the right path or…’ll die! be careful! John went on his way. He said, I do not need a dog. So he dumped the dog in the river. So long! When he reached the Rocky Island he said, Whew! Finally here. Well I don’t think he’ll like it there for if he had the dog he’d be better. When he went in he was strock down. Now he is a ghost. He is still there floating around.

The Singing Sword

One foggy morning Ally went on a plane ride. The fog was so thick. Her plane was falling like a falling star! PPPPPPPPPPP Boom! Ally’s plane crashed! Right when ally’s plane hit the ground these words sprung in the sky:


“Great, how am I going to find that thing.” Just then a map flew into her hand! “Wow!” “A map to the singing sword.” Said a small voice.“Who said that?”“I did!” Ally looked down. There was a small mouse. “I said that, now the sword is behind that tree.” “I have it.” “Good. Now cut your body in half and go inside and when you wake up you’ll be alive!” Sure enough, she woke up she was alive!

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